Since September 2019, the trusted HAANS Lifestyle articles carry the brandname Initials. Which stands for unique and exclusive products with a modern and high-quality appearance. Special designs that are visibly produced by hand and in which real handicraft can be recognized. A timeless collection that brings a bit of "art feeling" into the interior.

With the Initials label, we bring recognition to the consumer. We present ourselves more clearly within the home accessories and it gives a face to HAANS Lifestyle.

Collaboration is central to HAANS Lifestyle. Together with our dealers we are building an ever stronger partnership and trusted brand. Due to the clear visibility of the Initials labels in every point of sale, the consumer knows that they are visiting an authorized dealer.

HAANS Lifestyle is the exclusive distributor in Europe for the SCHEMA brand, these eye-catching products give character to any room.

The collection consists of galvanized metal wire and is the unifying element of all SCHEMA products. The versatility of galvanized iron is what inspires the SCHEMA designers, from all over the world, innovative concepts. Home furnishings should be more than just functional pieces. Decorative pieces that give character and life to every home or space.

The different types of metal wire are woven by hand and connected by welding which forms beautiful interior decoration. This art of metal weaving is something SCHEMA is proud of, resulting from years of experience and mastering the craft.

Because the SCHEMA items are not manufactured by machine, the result each time is a unique, hand-woven product that brings the personal touch of the craftsman into any living space.