Château les Merles in the region Périgord-Dordogne in the South-West of France. This boutique hotel is close to Bergerac and is the perfect venue for a culinary experience, to discover the region with its many attractions or simply to enjoy a little time off.

This is the location where the friendly Dutch couple Jan van Grinsven and his wife José accomplished there dream to be a Land Lord in France.

The castle is decorated with HAANS Lifestyle articles. The pillars are outstanding at the location and with the soft pebble rugs it takes care for a warm atmosphere.

By the necessary restoration of this historic building, the castle was transformed into a charming hotel plus villas and golf course. HAANS Lifestyle is pleased that the collection is used for there styling.

Focus. That's the objective, everyday. Striving for the perfect balance on and off the plate. Innovative creations, local products and pure flavours. Quality and hospitality will come first at Château les Merles.