A place styled by Vervoort, is a success when people are happy, feel welcome and at home.

Own designs created and customized by Vervoort.
Own designers for total design.
Own Logistics department.
Own Project department for total design.

You will find an extensive collection Hospitality- Project - and Healthcare facility furniture. Leisure like for example decorating cruise ships or holiday bungalow parks is their specialty.
This extensive collection is partly made by HAANS Lifestyle products. Vervoort does not only offer the products, they guide you through the entire design of your location.

All markets have one thing in common: visitor, resident and employee should feel recognized and acknowledged in the setting. Making them feel really welcome, at ease and at home.

By looking at needs and at the customer, they create a distinctive, inviting and inspiring environment.

On this page you can see Vervoort using the HAANS Lifestyle lamps and decorations for Hospitality and Projects to make the right atmosphere.

You will use the experience of Vervoort at best when your interior can be created in total. With its own logistics department & Project department they provide a carefree tuning.