With nearly a hundred hotels and almost anywhere a family member in charge, Van der Valk is a worldwide unique family business. You can imagine the good stories when such a big family cooperates so intensively. But most important they create the home-from-home feeling for both the employee and the guest.

More and more hotels are decorated with products from HAANS Lifestyle. For furnishing restaurants, enrich lobbies and decorating rooms, lots of products are suitable from the HAANS Lifestyle collection.

Whether it is the beautiful collection lead mirrors in the public areas or accessories in the rooms such as recycled vases, HAANS Lifestyle products complete the feeling.

"Be yourself, feel at home" at Van der Valk.

Baoase Luxury Resort, an idyllic tropical fairy tale on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao. The elegant resort located on the south side of the island between the capital Willemstad and popular Mambo Beach Boulevard.

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